About Us.

About Us

We are food providers for cooking and catering professionals and for large stores. With 40 years experience, we have become a solid company, adapting to the needs of the market in the best interest of our clients.

Values like effort, perseverance, team work and our strong desire to offer the best quality alongside with competitive pricings, have reported us a continuous growth.

To this day, we have an important storage platform in Seville and a logistics platform in Madrid -more than 10.000 m2 total-, which allows us to distribute our products all around the Spanish territory, while at the same time we do import/export operations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

All this growth would have been impossible without an enthusiastic and professional human roster, and an important commercial network with specialized agents, whose main target is the full satisfaction of all of our clients.

Francisco Díaz Cadenas,
General Manager.



The history of our company goes as far back as the year 1973, date on which we founded a family managed company in the town of Lantejuela (Seville) in the area of retail-level sale of food products.

Our parents, Mr. Manuel Díaz Chía and Ms. Aurora Cadenas Quirós, opened a small grocery store, located at the 67 of Juan Cadenas García St., with more hope and eagerness than ease to get started.

In 1980 our father bought a 500m2 site and started the activity in the wholesales field as distributor of Cervezas San Miguel, Kas, Konga, and bulk selling of wines in the Huelva county. Back then, a Seat 1500 car and an Alfa Romeo van were used as means of transport for the sale and delivery of goods.

In September 1987, our father dies at age 44 due to an illness, and with a lot of effort our mother goes on with the business, thanks to the great help provided by the rest of the family, since we were 8 brothers and sisters, all of very short age. Even then, the greater brothers used a hand cart to sell beer among the houses of the closest neighbourhoods.

In 1991, thanks to the continuous growth of the company, we transformed the old facilities, and major improvements are carried out, such as a complete roof for all the facilities, a cold store is built, administration offices, and the first computers are bought.

In the year 1993 we went past 30 local clients and 150 regional clients, which made it possible for the creation of new commercial routes and a careful delivery service for all our clients.

In 2003 we rebuilt and opened a new storage facility, with a surface close to 6.000 m2, which came to solve the logistics problems caused by the increase of sales and the addition of the new line for food products and cooking services.

In the year 2005, another giant step was taken, as we started operations in our new logistics platform in the center area (Madrid) to offer a quality service to our clients in center and north Spain.

Our Presence

As mentioned in another section, our company is currently located in the town of Lantejuela, within the province of Seville, and our facilities total a surface of 10.000 m2 distributed along 3 local storages and a nationwide logistics platform located in Madrid.

Thanks to our wholesale distribution department, we have an important representation in Spain and in part of Europe, Asia and Africa.

We have a total of about 1500 clients, independent retailers, local distributors and national and international wholesalers.

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